For most of the companies and businesses in and around New York area, cloud computing proved a game changing technology, offers many potential benefits such as more control, flexibility, greater efficiency, and reduced costs. These all benefits make it a compelling technology; however, it has its own share of growing pains. When shifting to a cloud-computing model, a company may face challenges like Vendor-lock in, Pricing, Change in Application Design, etc. Thus, it is eminent to find effective ways on order to meet the challenges while adapting this technology. Let us know them here - 1. Vendor Lock-in - Cloud computing is the latest IT trend and for maximizing cloud benefits, companies need to rely on cloud service providers. Service Providers, in addition to cloud services, also provide a dynamic platform to companies to build their own apps, though, this can give an edge to the business but the major challenge here is once you start taking service from one vendor it becomes difficult to switch to another vendor. As it is complex for one vendor to support another vendor's platform. Therefore, selecting a credible and competent vendor is essential for realizing potential benefits of cloud. If you are looking for Cloud solutions in New York then settle for a company that provides 24/7 support and provision of pay-as-you-grow-model.